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Perfect Pitch specializes in helping you to secure grant funding for your organization from private and corporate foundations. Our professional, published writers craft proposals that are written portraits of you and your mission, with the data and stories to most effectively highlight the needs you’re addressing and the solutions you’re employing to meet them.
Whether you need help bringing your organization to the point of receiving grant funds, working on a specific proposal, or crafting a funding plan to assure that your program can continue to have the impact you want for many years, Perfect Pitch can help fill any or all of these roles.

Grant-Readiness Assessment

Grants may seem, at the outset, like an easily obtained funding source for your project or social profit organization. However, there are many considerations to be mindful of before taking any steps along the grant-seeking process. These include having your finances in order, your 501(c)(3) status in place, your goals and outcomes clear, and the capacity to carry the project out.

Perfect Pitch will help you assess whether your organization is ready to start your grant search, and if not, advise you on how to get to that point.

Funding Proposal Planning & Strategy

Once you are ready to apply for grants, it’s important to first determine how much funding you’ll need to carry out your project, and then assemble a strategy to build that resource pool. Perfect Pitch will help you build a schedule that can easily be used in successive years as you steward relationships with funders and include them in your annual fundraising plans.

Funder Research

There are a lot of grant makers out there, and a lot of information to sift through to determine if they are a good fit for your project and organization. This includes poring over funder records in various databases, scouring tax returns, and making contact with funders to solve any unanswered questions from your search.

With access to the industry’s most robust databases of grant opportunities, Perfect Pitch provides a full, detailed report on each potential funder for your program, including suggested request dollar range, a list of past grantees, proposal deadlines, and board lists. In addition, with my years of professional grant seeking, I have built a strong awareness of the funding landscape, particularly in Vermont. This helps make searches more fine-tuned and efficient.

Grant Writing

Now that you have all your ducks in a row, you can get down to the real work of this process—grant writing. Many funders like their applications submitted in question and answer format, which they provide, often with limited character or word counts. Others allow grant seekers to set their own format, as long as specific questions or issues are addressed. Many of these guidelines are very detailed, and funders very often will bump your application out of the running if not all of the boxes are checked and questions answered to their satisfaction. This is where Perfect Pitch’s attention to detail comes in, enduring that every form is properly filled out, all text is written to best reflect who you are and what you do, and the entire proposal is submitted complete and on time.

With more than 15 years as a professional published writer, 20 years working in the nonprofit world, with six of those as a grants and communications manager, Tom Warhol has shown time and again the effectiveness of his skills through the many awards received for the organizations he’s been proud to serve.

Program Budgeting

Often the most daunting task for an organization, determining all of the costs associated with bringing your project to fruition can indeed prove challenging. Unless you choose to work with Perfect Pitch. We’ll break down all the components of your project with you, and help determine their costs to implement. Then we’ll package them in a suitable and easily readable format for you and for your proposals.

Post-Award Grants Management

Once an award has been obtained, the need for attention to detail continues, as funders expect accountability. They not only want careful accounting of the funds they’ve granted you, they are also truly interested in the results you hope to achieve. They consider themselves partners in this process, and that’s how social good organizations should view them as well. So, keeping track of your outcomes and your expenses are very important, and effective tracking shows your organization to be one that was, is, and will continue to be worthy of investment.

With all of the organizations we’ve worked with, this is one area that our skills are especially valued. We have helped nonprofits tighten up their tracking, evaluation, and follow-up to not only satisfy funder requirements but also to improve programs and entire organizations.

Grant Reporting

Making sure report deadlines are tracked and adhered to is also critically important part of the grant management process. In addition to submission of reports often being required as a condition of the grant agreement that funder and grantee sign, it also shows funders that you are taking your relationship with them seriously and are spending awarded funds as described in your proposal.

As part of the grant schedule that Perfect Pitch creates for you, report deadlines are included to ensure compliance. And as a contracted full-service grant writing agency, Perfect Pitch will also obtain the necessary results information from your staff, write the reports, and file them with your funders on time.

Program Evaluation & Assessment

Tracking the impact of your work has never been more important, and more required by grant makers, as it is today. Funders want to see that their dollars are making a dent in the problem you identified and posed solutions for. And they want to see that you’ve made evaluation an essential part of your program. Plan, Implement, Assess, and Adjust are the watchwords of a good impact assessment. Perfect Pitch can guide you to the resources you’ll need to build this into your plans.

Grants Training

Perfect Pitch also provides grant-training workshops for nonprofits who may have the staff but not the expertise to start their grant seeking. Workshops are tailored to your organization’s needs, and any or all stages of the grant process can be covered. These can be offered onsite at your organization or in our conference room in Bethel.

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